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Electric Bee...heard of it...if not make note....

Go to it & book mark it.

Emily & Simran, have set a really good blog, & can I just say, Emily, you have got game on them there linguistics, you get 2 finger snaps & a God Damn !!!

But, Simran, you need to step up your game mam-Z-elle.

Read it & enjoy it.

Be well.


Mar 22, 2007 - 01:29 PM


Have to go into this one as I am always listening to Sammy, & especially his track Work Song, there is just something about the way he sings it…he feels every word & beat.

I have harped on about Sammy last year some time, but fuck it you will get it again.

Harlem’s own…& at times Sammy was never given the credit for breaking doors & making waves & in roads that eased the way for fellow black entertainers.

Part of Frank’s entourage The Rat Pack, but he was always the victim of a racial anecdote & here is where he lost a little respect from his brothers & sisters…but Sammy was humble & just wanted to work.

Sammy’s life in the 60’s revolved around Booze, Cocaine & Women…even had an affair with Kim Novak, which was stopped by Mob Intervention…how about that. He caused even more controversy by marrying Swedish Actress May Britt. Did you know that interracial marriages were illegal in 31 states in the US back then? The law was abolished in 1967…not that long ago people.

Sammy made a gang of money, but was spending more than he could make & was that way till the day he died, made a million, spend a million.

Sammy Davis Jr was the man, & a man’s man.

Enjoy the track….


Mar 22, 2007 - 12:11 PM


So here are 3 of my favourite pics from the Zone7 shoot that I did on Friday.

Like I said Seth & Olmo have got some serious clothing in their hands.

I am going to take 6 of these pics & flip them a little & hand them to artist Owen P, to drop some subtle illustrations that will enhance the images further.

Sadly, you will not see those pics here for a month or 2 as this was part of a project for What, When & it will be in the members section there...but I am sure Zone7 will put them up sooner than me...& eventually they will be home : )

Be well.


Mar 22, 2007 - 10:29 AM


A homage to the late & great Godfather of Soul.


R.I.P. Godfather

Still mourning, But I can hear him everyday.

Be well.


Mar 22, 2007 - 10:26 AM


This quote is over due...comes from someone who shall remain anon for their own protection ha ha hah.....

Well goes back to Switzerland in December. Myself & a few others were doing our usual bi-annual gig in Bern, & one of the crew got a little excited about all the attention he was getting from the girls.

End of the night arrives & this dude has the biggest smile on his face....

' what is it you look well happy, I know it was a good night, but what is it with you? ' I ask.

' oh my god bruv, I have had 3 bj's from 3 different girls & I managed to get a taste myself ! '

' what !!!? '

....and now here comes the quote of the night...

' yes bruv, SMELL MY TONGUE ! '


First off, who says & thinks someone really gonna smell their tongue...well it was one crazy night & one wicked quote !!!

Be well.


Mar 21, 2007 - 10:26 AM

William Shakespeare

This one comes in from an anon source...

William Shakespeare, from Julius Ceasar

' beware the ideas of March '

Damn Right.


Mar 21, 2007 - 10:22 AM


Got a heads up on this from John @ DJNK

This film looks great, what a mad story.

Sam L J plays this old dude living in the Hicks & comes across this half naked girl in the street, beaten & bruised. Sam L J learns that she is some nympho party girl who goes through men, Christina get the picture.

He decides she has fallen into his hands to save her soul & teach her the error of her evil ways.

Looks crazy.

...and can I just say that Christina Ricci, just gets more beautiful by the year...she is looking crazy fine in this movie & where did that body come from...ok the Sleaze living inside is rising....time to stop.

But check out the films site to get a bit more of a taste.

Black Snake Moan


Mar 21, 2007 - 10:05 AM


2 new movies updated.

1. Up then Down
Escalator walking.

2. Whirling
Last night ended up at Favela Chic, & filmed this chap doing his whirling thing & a new Kalidescape.
Favela mix a mean VodkaMojito !

Or if you can not wait for the QT to download watch them on YouTube.

Be well.


Mar 16, 2007 - 12:39 PM


Word To Mother's 1st solo show @ STOLENSPACE went rather well yesterday.

Nice to see some new art, especially coming out of Hastings ha ha really the work was very good & WTM will only get better & better.

Good turn out of People, yes the Patrons of Art came out to see & some did buy, so a success all round.

Can not wait to see what WTM does next.

My favourite bit was his mother, wearing a Word To Mother T. Godbless Mums hey...

Be well.


Mar 16, 2007 - 09:40 AM


This was sent in today by Mr EK.

Have not seen you for a minute sir, thanks for the contribution.

Keep them coming...where did Anon 3x3 go....come back !!!

Be well.


Mar 15, 2007 - 04:12 PM

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