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I am home at last, & may I say it is good to be back.

As you can see the so called buliders have been in & created a nice space for me to return to. It seems an eon since I let a rant slip in my own domain, free of worry. Back to the land of 'I am a grown as man dog, I can say what the fuck I like'. Opinion still count for something here, all be it my own ha ha hah.

But yes...more madness to follow.

Enjoy the site, let me know of any problems with the navigation & general feel of this new site.
We are still tweaking here & there...but this is pretty much it.

You can see all my Fatsarazzi Moving Pictures here, with out all the pixelation created on YouTube, but I still love you YouTube.
But be patient, as some of them are pretty big files...well big-ish

& finally let me say thank you to my pied de terre's on line (slam - hypebeast - theschemes)...nothing will change, except perhaps the venom, shall reside here.

Be well & thanks for coming back.



Mar 06, 2007 - 03:24 PM


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