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Shed 9.40am Saturday...1st of the day : )

Pulled 'TALKING BOOK' off the shelf today, laid that platter down, needle to the record & listened to Stevie's words of wisdom.

My song of choice, was extremely relevant at the time of conception (1972). Social, Racial tensions were high, but none the less there was a feeling of a certain optimism hidden away in the corner, you just had to find it & believe in what little you found. But the words in this song still hold true today & never more so than this minute here in the UK, with the Govt trying to pass this new law regarding photography in public places & the need for photographers to have licence's, I.D.Cards to be allowed to work their trade.

And as I have said before, where are the Govt's Licence for the 1000's of CCTV camera's all over the UK filiming, documenting not only us, but the very people they do not want photographers to photograph. But it is all for our protection...where was it when Mum got mugged outside my front door for her watch, or the neighbour being mugged & having her pedigree Mastif Bitch much for your roving eye there.

Ironic huh ?

& then there is my now old friend Mr Bush...lord knows & 'hate' is a strong word, but I hate everything about you. I will rest a little easy when you are out of office...perhaps the small waves being made in Vermont, where they have called for impeachment (in 36 districts & growing), may spread across the country...

Back to Stevie's lyrics...


Your name is big brother
You say that your watching me on the tele,
Seeing me go nowhere,
Your name is big brother,
You say you are tired of protesting,
Children dying everyday,
My name is nobody
But I can't wait to see your face inside my door.

Your name is big brother
You say that you got me all in your notebook,
Writing it down everyday,
Your name is i'll see ya,
I'll change if you vote me in as the pres,
The president of your soul
I live in the ghetto
You just come to visit me 'round election time.

I live in the ghetto,
Someday I will move on my feet to the otherside,
My name is secluded,
We live in a house the size of a match box,
Roaches live with us wall to wall.

You've killed all our leaders,
I don't even have to do nothin' to you,
You'll cause your own country to fall.

Thank you Mr Wonder.

Be well.


Mar 10, 2007 - 10:40 AM


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